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Video Marketing

Our video marketing service enables us to reach the target audience in their millions at the click of a button. Audi-visuals guarantee easy and effective marketing that will engage people across a broad spectrum and elicit the appropriate appeal. An inherent part of this service is to keep your visuals prepped for online marketability. We provide efficient and effective promotional coverage prepped for business online because we want your business brand to be outstanding and receive the best recognition across the broad corporate spectrum.

We encourage testimonials from company Directors and Executives and place these notably on social networking sites, business networking sites and marketing sites to reinforce and commercialise company trademarks. Our team of experts, state of the art equipment and technology ensures that we provide quality material that excels in its motives. With High Definition and High Resolution captures we strive to accomplish enhanced visuals. Our specialist video Drone technology will ensure clarity and precision in visual execution. We grant an additional opportunity to feature company testimonials endorsing your brands on the ADLU Group website which will highlight a link that will take the browser directly to the company website itself.

What We Offer:

  • 12 Months Innovative Promotional Video Package
  • Opportunity to maximise Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Expertise
  • 12 Month Post Production Support Package
  • Flexible and Convenient Monthly Payment Option
  • An Exceptional Opportunity to Revolutionise Your Brand


  • Video is your customer database. Youtube alone has 78% viewers watching at least once per week and 55% watch every day. Video will never fail to attract old and new customers.
  • Video marketing is crucial competitive leverage. Most marketing and corporate executives will use online video content to generate their own investor database.
  • Video is convenient and easy to use. It is searchable, easily accessible and flexible in being shared by common users.
  • Video is a Brand Building technique that is eternal. It accounts for a level playing field in an advertising dominated arena through empowered presence.
  • Video entertains, educates, inspires and invokes integrative feedback and interaction. This emphasises consumer preference and indicates commercial strength through branding imagery.
  • Video is cost-effective profitability. It is a tool that will pay for itself with lucrative investment returns.
  • Video is a ‘CLICK’ away from the ‘BUY’. Viewers are likely to follow the consumer trail and purchase on line instantly as opposed to TV advertising. 60% of consumers will spend at least 1-2 minutes watching a video prior to purchase.
  • Video is Mobile. It accessible on almost every hand set making your Brand available to everyone all the time.


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