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In-House Training

As a training consultancy we provide an innovative and eclectic learning environment through creative training solutions that radiate success and strengthen successful business strategies. We reinforce tailored learning and integrated practical exercises that trigger grit and determination to embrace challenges through lateral thinking and fail-proof strategic actions that will raise the bar of excellence internally and thus yield profitable results externally.

The distinctive learning environment is reinforced by inventive, innovative and ingenious training practices mentored by experts from specialist fields. We believe that training has to be dynamic, animating and proactive. That is why our contemporary modified techniques are refreshingly unique. These vary in form and are guaranteed to captivate you through use of illusions, 3D exercises, simulated practices, analogy workshops and diverse cognitive explorations.

You will find yourself enjoying the training beyond your expectations. The training programmes are specifically designed to initiate ‘out of the box’ experiences that are not only stimulating brain food but interestingly fun. We have assembled a host of distinctive, unrivalled training techniques that will ensure a lucrative learning experience Our aim is to challenge, motivate, source potential, empower and inspire through novelty techniques that will make your learning experience not only unforgettable but an absolute indulgence. We are confident our clients will amass imperative skills and boundless grit to succeed amidst corporate storms.

ADLU Group provides an enriching training programme that will pay for itself.

What We Offer:

12 Months of Training Subscription to benefit from the 1 payment option.

We have merged training techniques to reinforce a thorough and interesting learning experience through the art of Illusion, Balloon Modelling, Virtual Reality, NLP and Interactive Music to enhance abilities and unleash new potential.

  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Strength
  • Creative Solutions
  • Lateral Challenges
  • Analogy Workshops
  • Simulated Brainstorming
  • Cognitive Exploration
  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid


  • Cost – Efficiency (control of budget invested in training- per package)
  • Customised Course Content (addressing specific training needs)
  • Expedience (of location, attendees and pace of learning)
  • Mentor requests (specific trainers can be selected pertaining to business needs)
  • Consolidated training of employees (ensuring consistently enhanced learning development)


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