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Social Media Marketing

We have sought out excellence in Digital Marketing, Direct Personal Impact (DPI) and unique uses of Social Media to advocate and endorse individual business brands. Our extensive research and experience has consistently proven that appropriate marketing strategies will pay for themselves. Our approach means that strategic Global Branding will procure recommendations itself

Our latest research shows:

  • 1.7 billion monthly active users of Facebook
  • 500 million plus monthly active accounts of Instagram
  • 313 million active users of Twitter
  • 106 million active users of LinkedIn to name the core few

We have ascertained the significance of globally varied popular sites that entice and appeal to specific demographics worldwide. ‘Presence’ through social media networking is heightened when the audience you seek is at your reach. ADLU Group facilitates this perfectly.

What we offer

Social Media Coverage that pertains to the core social networks as defined by the globally diverse demographic.
Coverage on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or other networking sites as requested.

For 12 months we will update the promotional coverage on the core social networking sites and our website which will reinforce your brand recommendations.


  • Enhanced brand viewing;
  • Effective communication;
  • Recurring visitor engagement;
  • Warranted flexibility for visitors to forward mutually beneficial Links;
  • Influenced returning visitors and
  • Consolidated new visitors.

We will strengthen your business ethos! We will strategically perfect your corporate presence, affirm brand marketability and achieve viable quality networking to seal successful endorsements and entrench global branding.


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