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About us

ADLU Group is an elite and meticulous Digital Marketing and Training Specialist. We empower your Corporate Presence. A Presence that will remain entrenched as your business touches the pinnacles of success. We are a strong, scrupulous and resourceful team persevering to create a simple and versatile marketing platform as we campaign for companies seeking business growth across continents.

We have sought excellence in Digital Marketing and Social Media to advocate, endorse and entrench brilliant business brands. Our extensive research and experience has consistently proven that appropriate marketing strategies will pay for themselves. Our approach means that strategic Global Branding will procure recommendations itself.

Our latest research shows:

  • 1.7 billion monthly active users of Facebook
  • 500 million plus monthly active accounts of Instagram;
  • 555 million active blog users of Tumblr;
  • 313 million active users of Twitter and 106 million active users of LinkedIn to name the core few.

We have ascertained the significance of globally varied popular sites that entice and appeal to specific demographics worldwide. ‘Presence’ through social media networking is heightened when the audience you seek is at your reach. ADLU Group facilitates this perfectly.

Our exclusive Brand and Marketing Model is designed to reinforce Global Branding for businesses driven to reach new heights nationally and internationally. The exclusivity of our clients from multi-faceted corporate disciplines reinforces our powerfully interactive database across a broad spectrum of industries. This allows us the flexibility to endorse your business across the globe.

Furthermore ADLU Group is committed to associating and securing key relations with all businesses ranging from small enterprises to corporate giants. We encourage business advancement and will provide In-House Training across all business sectors. Similarly we will deliver global branding and marketing packages at your doorstep if your preference so states.
As a training consultancy we provide an innovative, eclectic learning environment with creative mentoring techniques and novelty exercises that strive for an indulgent learning experience. Global events, local conferences or In-house training, we allocate incomparable, innovative coaching and professionalism to all clients.

ADLU Group aims to simplify the concept of commercial marketability and growth. We accommodate development, progression and advancement. Having assembled a host of contemporary and effective resources to enhance company brands, integrative training and corporate profitability we are confident our clients will accumulate staunch endorsements and lucrative options through coordinated communication and unrivalled professionalism.

We will strengthen your business ethos! We will strategically perfect your corporate presence, affirm brand marketability and achieve viable quality networking to seal successful endorsements and entrench global branding. ADLU Group invites you to capitalise on this unique offer.

We guarantee that you will amass boundless benefits for an investment that will pay for itself!


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